Ultraseedbox.com Seedbox Review

Ultraseedbox.com Seedbox Review

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Ultraseedbox asked me to review the seedbox service they provide. I was allowed the use of their S-300 package for about 3 weeks. Here are some of the highlights of the package in question:

  • Gigabit connections
  • 300Gb hard drive
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited torrents
  • Choice of interfaces (I used rTorrent)
  • Download via http as well as FTP
  • €26 per month

I performed my usual tests on this seedbox, they are by no means scientific but I find they give a good idea of how the seedbox in question will perform in the real world. Firstly I head to a private torrent tracker and grab a bunch of well seeded torrents in order to try and max out the download connection. I’ll then find some more torrents with high leecher numbers and leave the torrents for a while, checking from time to time to see what the upload rate is. I then connect via FTP and see how fast I can download to my home PC. Finally, as this service allows you to download from the box via http as well as FTP, I tested the max download speed via http.

With the seedbox from Ultraseedbox I obtained the following results:

Max torrent download speed: 24.7 Mb/s

Max torrent upload speed: 2.7 Mb/s

Max FTP download speed: 1.7Mb/s (the max my connection goes to)

Max http download speed: 1.7Mb/s (the max my connection goes to)

This are very respectable speeds. If you compare to my other reviews you will see this is the highest upload speed I have been able to obtain.

Over the period of the three weeks the total amount of data I downloaded was 68.7Gb. The amount of data uploaded was 456Gb. This gives a ratio of about 6.6, which is very positive on a private tracker. Having one of these seedboxes for at least a month will definitely improve your ratio on any trackers you are a member of.

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  1. Hello,

    Speeds can be much higher when using hot torrents or autodl-irsii. Box is capable to download/upload with speeds high as 50-70MB/s


    Kind Regards,
    Ultra Seedbox

  2. Andy says:

    Have an S-600 PRO account and added a quite popular torrent a few days ago. Downloaded it at 15 MB/s and was simultaneously uploading it at 35 MB/s

  3. euro-seeder says:

    I’ve only ever rented a server from ultraseedbox, so I can’t compare with other providers. I have a usb 2G account, Euros 22 per month – 1TB dedicated server/unmetered/unlimited and, remarkably, it has always done exactly what it claims on the website. 12MB/sec upload and download.

    Seeding about 900GB or so (mostly new/new-ish torrents) I average about 5-6MB/sec upload speeds. Roughly 250GB upload per 24 hours. Very steady.

    The 2 guys at ultraseedbox really understand customer service but I’ve never really needed support.

    Highly recommended.

  4. behelith says:

    Nice people, when I ask for an sub domain, so I could access my seedbox without remembering that damn IP adres, they set a sub domain for me. You know I use my seedbox on different pc at home, at friends home, and work, so it´s realy useful.

  5. Dev says:

    This may be the cheapest seedbox available but I faced a couple of problems.

    1. The sales department promised to generate an invoice seven days before the due date. It never happened even after sending a reminder. Finally, the seed box expired and I had three days to make the payment.

    2. It has the worst FTP download speed. I get 200-700 KB/s most of the time. I am supposed to get 3990 KB/s speed. They blame it on their Netherlands server but I have another seedbox (seedbox.io) from Netherlands and it work just fine. Even after four months, the support department has no clue. They asked me to play around with different FTP clients, different servers (Canada, USA, Germany, France) but it didnt work. I relay on my luck to get the full FTP speed.

    3. The support (sales and support) department is real crap. Most of the time they have no clue on what they are doing. Most of their technical solutions are absurd.

    I would suggest you to pay a bit more and go for a seedbox which really works.

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