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SeedboxFarm were kind enough to let me take their Torrentflux Starter package for a spin for a few days recently.

The seedbox given to me has the following specs:

  • 100Mbit connection
  • 45Gb hard drive
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 8 running torrents
  • Torrentflux interface
  • €7.50 per month

As usual I went onto my favourite private tracker and found some torrents which I thought would be appropriate to test the seedbox. I normally try to test the maximum download speed of the seedbox first by picking a few torrents with the highest seeder to leecher ratio. Then I’ll find some torrents with a good number of leechers and let the torrents seed for a while, occasionally checking to see the upload speed of the torrents. Finally I FTP onto the box to check how quickly I can download the torrents to my own PC.

With SeedboxFarm‘s Torrentflux Starter seedbox I got the following results:

Max torrent download speed: ~10Mb/s (the most you would get off a 100mbit connection)

Max torrent upload speed: ~2.5Mb/s

Max FTP download speed: ~1.7Mb/s (the max my connection goes to)

These are very good speeds for a seedbox. I had the seedbox for about 5 days and was able to upload 97.2Gb of data in that time. I downloaded about 20Gb during that time, so my ratio was about 5 and therefore very acceptable on a private tracker. Bearing in mind this was over the course of a mere five days, owning one of these for at least of month will be extremely helpful to your ratio.

SeedboxFarm also offer very reasonable VPS’s (which I hope to be testing soon) which even allow you to have Sabnzbd installed, allowing you to download from usenet using their large connection. Very cool.

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  1. Patrick says:

    It depends on which tracker are you using, seeders/leechers. I was using the same package as yours, but my max torrent download speed was 14MB/s and max torrent upload speed was 10MB/s, I didn’t tested FTP speeds.

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