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I recently had a week to play around with a seedbox from They offer seedboxes in five different locations France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United States. I chose to use one in Germany.

The pretty standard method I use to see if a seedbox is any good is to load up my favourite private tracker, find a few torrents with a high number of seeders and leechers and throw them on. Since they almost always download extremely quickly and have a ton of seeds I get to see around the highest download speed of the seedbox. When it’s done I let it seed and jump on the web UI every so often to check the upload speed. Not the most scientific approach but oh well! Finally I’ll FTP onto the box and see how fast I can download the files.

So with Santrex’s Germany seedbox I got the following results:

Max torrent download speed: ~15mb/s

Max torrent upload speed: ~500kb/s

Max FTP download speed: ~10mb/s (the max my connection goes to)

Pretty sweet if you ask me. Leaving it with these torrents for a week I uploaded around 200gb, certainly helping my share ratio. So if you are thinking about getting a seedbox then you should definitely consider getting one from

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  1. jackssen says:

    stop advertising scams, thank you

  2. jackssen says:

    P.S. == scam

  3. admin says:

    Do you have any evidence of this?

  4. openeye says:

    Yes, search the internet and order a box from them. They are a scammer.

  5. johnjanos says:

    i was lucky. i used paypal and i took my money buck

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