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Topics: Seedbox News has recently had a complete site revamp. As a result it is now much easier for you to compare, order and most importantly control your seedbox.

SeedM8 offer a choice of two options; the G.100 or the M.50. This may not seem like a lot of choice but the idea is to keep it simple, and just offer the features which are most important in a seedbox. The difference between the two can be seen to the left.


As you can see the G.100 option is the faster of the two, as it offers 50MBit of dedicated bandwidth, which can be bursted up to 1Gbit. It also offers 100GB of disk space so you should struggle to fill this up with all your torrents. At $24 a month it seems like a bargain for such good performance.


The M.50 option is the cheaper of the two. for $16 a month you get 5MBit of dedicated bandwidth, burstable up to 100MBit. 50GB og disk space is ample to be starting with.

The $8 dollar difference appears well worth it in my opinion. You get double the disk space, but more importantly 10x the dedicated and burstable bandwidth allocation.

If anyone has had any experience with SeedM8 please feel free to sound off in the comments.

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