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I literally just finished testing a 1GB/s VPS seedbox from a couple of days ago and I was going to start writing it up today for people to check out. However this morning I check my inbox to find an email from regarding For those of you who don’t know are the company behind, which I have previously reviewed.

The email states that (apparently they’re the same) are bankrupt. They is a reseller for and that they have not paid a single invoice to them. They then go on to try to sell me one of their own servers instead.

I then headed over to and i find this message:

They are saying stole their customer list and are emailing them without permission. So it seems the CEO Luuk van Hoorn from ran off with the money! I’m sure are pissed that they haven’t seen a penny from but I really don’t believe that gives them the right to start trying to steal customers from them. Pretty unprofessional if you ask me.

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  1. Mark de Jong says:

    You are so correct.

    I dont approve what Luuk did, but as a webhost, fusa cannot use databases from a client.

    That said, we were not resellers, we just had hosting there for the website
    And we DID pay the invoices but there was 900 euro’s open still for using their traffic network for our servers.
    Luuk the CEO took the money and some more from the bankaccount and PayPal and didnt pay any bills for traffic.

    Stating that we are their resellers is a shame.
    We started as reseller more then one year ago and build our own network of servers outside fusa (
    We only had 2 of those servers left from a year ago because we have clients on that.
    We never had problems with payments uptill this month because of Luuk’s actions.

    I am deeply sorry for what happened, the staff did NOT see this coming.
    First i planned to keep seedboxfarm up with the staff, but we found out that fusa send those emails and luuk had stolen over 2500 euro’s in funds in the past 3 months.

    The name is damaged, personally i am damaged, and i will personally need to recover from this because i have spend the past year working 12hrs per day for luuk and build the bussiness on my own.

    I am gonna take a break and after a while will talk again to our coders to decide of we want to start over from scratch.
    Now that fusa took our database and emaild our clients, there is no way to contact them ourselves.

    If anyone needs info on luuk, email to the address on the website


  2. Remco says:

    Did he also hosted
    Thats also gone right now.
    Hope your guys start over, it was one of the best seedboxes for me!

  3. Patrick says:

    I’m a customer of SeedboxFarm and their service is awesome, great support.
    By the way I received an e-mail from YourSeedbox offering me their services. This is not right what they did, they steal information, all customer e-mails…

    Thanks Mark for everything!

  4. Mark de Jong says:

    Yes fastestseedbox was one of our resellers.
    We did not own fastestseedbox but delivered servers and seedboxes to them.

    Me and the 2 original coders of the seedboxes will be making a comeback with even better services.

    When that will be i cannot say because thanks to Luuk, there are debts that need to be paid.

    What yourseedbox (fusa) did is unacceptable and a police report has been filed for stealing bussiness information.
    This has been done to the dutch and belgian authorities.

    We will NOT be offering reseller packages any longer, we will focus our services to offer the best seedboxes you can imagine.

    As soon as we figured things out, we will let people know where to find us.
    It took us a year to get the number of clients that we had and develop the services we offered.
    Still having that knowledge will bring us back in a much better fashion.

    Also i need to add that PayPal is one of the bad parties here.
    PayPal also took money that did not belong to them.
    I urge people to stop using PayPal and start using MoneyBookers instead.

    PayPal took nearly 2000 euro’s from us claiming that they needed it to pay back customers.
    However, they did not pay anyone back yet and the money has been taken from the paypal account and cannot be traced.
    They claim it was sent back to our bankaccount but there is no record of that in the paypal account or any bank statement.

    PayPal is a criminal organisation abusing goodwilling people creating their own rules.

    For dutch customers we will implement an iDEAL payment system.
    With this system that has been developed, it is possible for people to claim money back without arguing.
    We will explain this on a new website when that is ready

    thnx for the support and kind words.



  5. Ali says:

    i paid for a 3 month vps with seedboxfarm and it finally went last nite. only had it for like 3 weeks so i guess my just got wasted as i paid with a credit card.

  6. Mark de Jong says:

    Ali if you paid with creditcard you can ask your money back from your CC company

    state that you didnt authorize the transaction

  7. Mark de Jong says:

    for anyone that needs to get info on seedboxfarm, please visit the website

    a group of old clients have setup a blog with information about Luuk van Hoorn and

    Also the ID card of luuk van hoorn can be found there.
    Dont leave comments on this website because they are not related to seedboxfarm so lets give them a rest 🙂

  8. admin says:

    Hey I don’t mind! Keep em coming!

  9. Mark de Jong says:

    haha ok, then disregard my comment on not commenting here anymore 😛

    Admin honestly what is your view on this thing?

  10. Mark de Jong says:

    Well it seems that about a month ago, Luuk van Hoorn was able to steal back the domain of seedboxfarm.

    Funny fact is that he opened a new website on

    He uses the same websitelayout and hasn’t changed most things but he is offering computer services.

    He is crazy, look at the prices haha.

    End of story for seedboxfarm for sure…

    Luuk van Hoorn has been indicted on 4 counts of fraud and could face upto 3 years in prison and a fine of 17000.00 euro’s.

    If anyone wants to join the lawsuit (civil) please contact your local police department and file a complaint.

  11. Mark de Jong says:

    New progress in the case against Luuk van Hoorn…

    PayPal has refunded all charges to creditcards of old clients including myself.
    Luuk took about 1200 euro’s (about 1800 USD) from my creditcard.

    Clients should receive this money within a week or 3 at the latest.

    PayPal phoned me today with this great news.
    Also they meantioned that Luuk has been officially charged with internet en creditcard fraude.

    Myself i have filed charges against him, police say an arrest will be made in the near future….

  12. Ryan says:

    I’ve failed to see that news in the last 3 months… Yet, very good news Mark! Hope to see more services from you in the near future!

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