Why you need a seedbox

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My last post detailing why you should get your hands on a seedbox if you do any serious torrenting at all was rather lacking. Here, i’m trying again.


It’s sat in a data centre, on a phat line. What more information do you need?


That phat line? It goes up as well as down. Your shitty home dsl will probably have 1mb up max, these things have 100mb up, so you’ll be seeding to people at the same speed that you’re downloading at. Good for your ratio, and the community as a whole.


When you’re on a private tracker there is a lot of competition. They all know exactly how much you upload and download. With a seedbox you will guarantee that you will be up there with the big boys. I love stats.

home internet isn’t swamped

When you’ve got this box hosted somewhere miles away it isn’t using any of your home connection. You can happily frag some noobs, or stalk someone on facebook without any slowdown at all.

you can do it from anywhere

Your seedbox is run from a web interface. That means you can add torrents to it or make any other changes to it from anywhere you can access the web. Be it at work, school or on the train with your iPhone. It’s very easy.

no isp limits

A lot of ISPs these days have a cap on the amount of data you can upload and download. Having your torrents on a seedbox means that none of this cap is used, and you can have unlimited data usage with your seedbox.


With a seedbox you’re going to have a good ratio. With a good ratio comes good rep, and lots of perks. Everyone will be downloading for you, and people will be begging you to seed their torrents for them. It’s all about leverage.


There is another layer between you and the RIAA. They have to go through your host on top of all the usual stuff. This adds a lot more hassle for them


You don’t even have to have torrenting software on your pc to use a seedbox. So if you happen to get your pc taken for inspection, it will be clean as a whistle.

Happy seedboxing 🙂

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