What to look for in a seedbox

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So you’ve decided you want to super charge your torrents and give yourself a superb ratio on your provate torrent tracker. ie you’ve decided you want a seedbox.

So now you’re looking for one to rent, but what should you be looking for? What makes a good seedbox?

Here are the main criteria:

  1. Disk space
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Client
  4. Overselling

Disk Space

The amount of disk space you need for your seedbox will depend on how you intend to use the files you download, and what you download. If you’re going to be downloading large high definition movies or tv shows you’re obviously going to need a lot of storage space. This need will increase if you intend to seed the files for a long time as well. If you aren’t seeding them you transfer them off your seedbox, and delete the file. But if you are seeding then you will need enough space to store the files, on top of any more you are downloading.

If you are going to be seeding, but files which aren’t as large then this won’t be such a problem. Before you choose your seedbox make sure you have a long hard think about how you will be using it.


It’s all very well the seedbox host advertising your box being on a 100mb line. What they don’t so readily tell you is that a whole bunch of other people are also on that line, as well as on the same physical hardware. I will cover this in more depth in the overselling section.

Some hosts will supply unmetered up and down bandwidth, but some willl meter it. Again this may well depend on the size of the files you are going to be torrenting. It’s all very well going for the most expensive,  unmetered bandwidth option, but if you aren’t using a whole lot then it may be more economical to get a cheaper, metered one.


This is more down to personal preference than a hard and fast “this one is better”. You may way get a choice of which torrent client and associated web contorl panel you can use with each host. Some will offer a range, others will only let you use the one they think is “best”. Have a look at them, read some reviews, make a decision.


This is a biggie. You’re on a 100mb line, 40gb disk space. All is hunky dory right? Wrong. You will always be sharing some physical hardware with other users. your 40gb disk space will be on a 500gb or 1tb hard drive. This means you will be sharing with at least 10 other people. 100mb between 10 is 10mb… sounds an aweful lot like your home connection doesnt’ it? Don’t let this put you off too much though. Remember this is 10mb up and down. You don’t get 10mb up at home, unless you’re on some sick connection, in which case why are you renting a seedbox??

With these 10 other people on your server, they will also be using the hard drive’s bandwidth. Torrenting is notoriously hard work for a hard drive, constantly writing random bits of data to the disk. With 10 of you this is way worse.

So make sure you read a bit around your host, see if they are overselling, what other people’s performance is like.

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