How can a seedbox improve your ratio on private trackers?

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Topics: Seedbox Info logoPrivate torrent trackers, they’re notoriously hard to get into. If they are even accepting new members you normally need to be invited by someone already in the community, and in some cases even pass an interview to show that you know what you’re talking about. Once you’re in there are always very strict rules on maintaining your upload to download ratio, for example you have to have uploaded at least as much data as you have downloaded, and normally more. Everybody knows this is difficult to do on public trackers, but it is infinitely harder on private ones. Luckily you can make a huge difference by getting a seedbox.

A seedbox is basically a server that you rent which is running a torrent client which can be accessed via a web interface. You upload torrent files to it and it connects to the swarm and downloads the data to its hard drive. You can then access it yourself by connecting via FTP and downloading it. However the seedbox will continue to seed the torrent after it has finished downloading. This is where it will come into its own for helping you with your ratio.

A seedbox will be connected to the internet via a very high bandwidth connection. This means that not only do your torrents download very quickly, but they can also be uploaded to the peers who connect to you at a high speed as well. Rather than being limited by the upload rate of your home connection, normally around 0.5 – 2mbs, the seedbox can upload at its full speed of 100mbs or even 1Gbs. This means that the amount of data you have uploaded can increase very quickly, giving you a better ratio on your tracker.

Another aspect of a seedbox which is useful is the fact that it is always on. When you are seeding torrents from a computer at home it is unlikely that you will want to leave it on 24/7, it may be hot, noisy and the flashing lights may be distracting. A seedbox is always on, therefore it is always connected and can always be uploading the torrent you are seeding to peers on the tracker. Since it is connected for longer more data can be uploaded so your upload ratio will be improved.

Finally a seedbox is being used solely to upload and download torrents and has a very fast connection for doing this. Because of this you will be able to run many more torrents than you normally would on your home computer. With more torrents running there is a greater chance that people will be downloading from your seedbox, and therefore increasing your upload ratio.


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