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10 August 2011

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Ultraseedbox asked me to review the seedbox service they provide. I was allowed the use of their S-300 package for about 3 weeks. Here are some of the highlights of the package in question: Gigabit connections 300Gb hard drive Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited torrents Choice of interfaces (I used rTorrent) Download via http as well as FTP […]

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23 June 2011

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SeedboxFarm were kind enough to let me take their Torrentflux Starter package for a spin for a few days recently. The seedbox given to me has the following specs: 100Mbit connection 45Gb hard drive Unlimited bandwidth Up to 8 running torrents Torrentflux interface €7.50 per month As usual I went onto my favourite private tracker […]

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4 May 2011

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I recently had a week to play around with a seedbox from They offer seedboxes in five different locations France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United States. I chose to use one in Germany. The pretty standard method I use to see if a seedbox is any good is to load up my favourite private […]

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29 June 2010

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As I said in my last post, I bought the 1 year 1 torrent seedbox from for around 8 euros. So far i’ve been fairly impressed. I logged onto my favourite private tracker, got the torrent in the top 10, then wacked it on my seedbox. I’ve been running it for a few days […]

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